Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Letter #5

Dear family,                                  August 26, 2014

We have had a pretty good week this last week.  We went and talked to a Gentleman on Wednesday and it didn't go to well which we kind of expected.  He is a seventh day Adventist which they believe that the Sabbath day is on Saturday and all the churches that have church services on Sunday are breaking the commandments on keeping the Sabbath day holy.  We went to talk to him and explain that we worship on Sunday because that was the day that Christ was resurrected, but he really just ignored that and tried to convince us that we are wrong by using scriptures in the bible that had nothing to do with the Sabbath.  It was like he was trying to convert us, but of course it didn't work.  It really strengthen my testimony about the apostasy and how there are many different beliefs because the priesthood authority was not on the earth and everyone was confused.  We just told him what we believed and because we knew that it was going nowhere we left and told him that we would like to visit him and just get to know him a little better.  He was a really nice guy he just doesn't want to believe what we teach.  

We have not taught the man that we met on the street last Monday.  We are actually going to meet him at the chapel today at 4:30 and we will start teaching him there.  We found out that he was a member and he became less active at the age of 18, but he really wants to come back.  He just wants us to teach him again because he is not quite comfortable with the doctrine and he doesn't know how to really tell if he has felt the spirit before.  We have a few ideas on what we are going to tell them, but of course we are going to follow the spirit.  It's really cool when we meet someone and the spirit takes over and we say things that we weren't prepared to say and everything goes great.  

Because it was a bank holiday yesterday and all the stores were closed we were not able to get my bike.  We buy bus passes and we ride buses all over to get to different places, but we also do a ton of walking.  Hopefully we will be getting my bike next week because we both want to start riding bikes.  

 I have been eating pancakes, sandwiches, and lots of different pastas which have a lot of carbs in them.    We have started to go running in the mornings for about 10-15 minutes which has been nice.  On the days that we don't go running I have a little workout so that I can still take Caden when I get home.  I do 100 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, and 8 wall sits for 30 seconds. Tell Caden that he needs to start working out if he wants to take me.  I have given him what I do so then maybe he can have a chance.  

It has only rained a total of about 3 days the whole time I have been in England so I think that you guys are definitely getting the rain that is supposed to be here.  When it rains here it doesn't down pour a lot it's mostly just a mist/sprinkle so it's not too bad.  When it does down pour though it lets down a ton of water. A lot of the people in this area are not really interested to hear the gospel, but we occasionally find someone.  I have been told that because of all the rain that England gets it makes everyone in a bad mood which I have started to see. 

I don't really have a new favorite part about my mission yet, but the food is really good.  We are mostly eating the same things you guys eat.  We have had lots of pasta, sandwiches, and potatoes with different meats.  The sausage is really good over here which is quite nice, but other than that we haven't had anything different from back home.  I did go and buy my first fish and chips on Wednesday and they were really great.  When we have District meetings we usually go out and eat.  We have a District meeting usually every week so I might get some more fish and chips this Wednesday. 

Some scriptures that I have studied out this week is D&C 42:29 and Mosiah 2:17. In D&C it says that if we love god we will serve him and keep his commandments and in Mosiah it says that when we serve our fellow beings ye are only in the service of our god.  So one way that we can show our love for our Savior is by serving others.  We look for opportunities all the time to serve others.  I challenge all of you guys to do the same and find opportunities to serve others because that shows Christ that we really love him.  

I hope you all have a great week this next week and have fun going to school.  It's quite nice not going that's for sure.  Work hard and remember to serve others.  There are definitely a lot of opportunities that you can find in school. 

Elder Peterson

I forgot to tell you that we had a dinner appointment last week with a missionary couple and you will never guess where they took us.  We went to five guys’ burgers and fries.  It wasn't as good as the one back home, but it was still really good.  

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