Monday, January 12, 2015

Letter #26

Dear Posh Mum and Family,

I just want to start off by saying that only in England does it rain sideways.  We have been doing a lot of finding and tracting in the rain this past week and we have had some hard times.  We have been finding people that seem interested, but we set up an appointment and they flog us and we are not able to teach them. #mission life. ( My companion and I say that a lot) Haha  We have had a great week though and a lot of great miracles on the bright side.  

We have been meeting with our investigator S**** a lot this last week.  She is really excited for her baptism and she will do anything so that she can make the date that she has agreed with on the 24 January.  The other day she asked us if she would have to give up smoking.  She is not a heavy smoker, but she does smoke a little.  We told her that we have a stop smoking program to help her stop and that we would bring it the next day and help her begin it.  Well the next day she called us up and said that she had to go to the hospital because she has been having some heart problems.  So we weren't able to meet with her and show her the stop smoking program which was okay because we would just show her the following day. Then at the end of the day we had a miracle happen.  She texted us and said that she hadn't been smoking for a full day and that she is going to quit.  It was awesome because all we had said was that she needed to stop and that we would show her how she could and without even starting the program she stopped.  The next time that we talked to her was on Saturday and she had quit on Thursday.  When we met with her she said that it was not a problem for her to quit and she said once we left she threw all of her cigarettes away and that she won't do it again.  She is still going strong to this day.  She came to church yesterday and said that she feels a lot better and that she is really glad to be giving it up.  My testimony has really been strengthened because I know that she has definitely been prepared at this time to hear the Gospel.  We have seen her testimony grow stronger and it is such a miracle to see the hand of God in His work.

I am really excited for this upcoming week for a couple of reasons.  I think the first reason is because we get to teach S***** a lot and to see her progress more in the Gospel.  The second reason is because on Friday the missionaries in this ward are in charge of a ward activity and it is going to be a lot of fun.  We are going to be doing a minute to win it night with the ward at the chapel.  We have some fun games set up and we are hoping that it will be a lot of fun for the ward. And for the last reason why I am excited for this week is because on Sunday the other missionaries that are in this ward are having a baptism.  It is going to be a great week and I am really excited to see what miracles it brings.

It sounds like you guys have got a hold of some nice British food.  I hope that you enjoy going out to eat with Dennis and that you enjoy the great fish and chips.  The picture that you sent of the chocolate is exactly the kind of chocolate that they have here in England.  It looks like I am not going to have to send any home to you now.  I can't wait to see the pictures of you guys eating some fish and chips this next week.  Just typing fish and chips is making me hungry.  Oh wait I am always hungry. Haha  One thing that you should try is the Galaxy Chocolate if they have any.  I think that is the best kind.  If not the Dairy milk is really close. 

We didn't really play any football with A**** last Monday we mostly played rugby and it was okay.  It would have been a lot better if we would have had more people playing with us.  I learned a little how to play rugby a little more and it was quite fun and confusing at first.  I started to get it down though and it was getting pretty fun at the end.  It was definitely some great exercise and we were exhausted at the end of the day. I will admit it was a lot more fun than soccer by far.

Caden-I can't wait to go skating again to see how much better you are.  I hope that school is going great for you and that you are really enjoying it and that you are learning a lot. I bet you are because you are a smart feller.  I also hope that you are enjoying working at the farm and that you are working hard.  I can just see you now chasing around all of the cows trying to get them in the holding pen.  Hahaha. 

Chelsey- It sounds like you have had a great week and that you are getting super excited to get your braces off finally.  I bet you are really not that excited and that you wish you could keep them on a little longer.   Ha Ha  I hope that school has been going good for you and that you are working hard and getting good grades.  I am sure that you are because you are very smart. The weather here is really different then the weather back home. There is no fog or no snow at all.  It has been raining pretty much all day ever day and it is getting kind of boring because all it does is rain. I have had pizza over here and it was pretty good.  It is like the pizza that we have back home.  There is a domino's pizza  and a pizza hut so it's pretty much like the pizza back home.  I ate it at the Stilgers house when I was in Sheldon.  That was the first time that I had pizza on the mission and I quite liked it.  I have been playing a little football with my new cleats and it has been kind of fun.  It has been really wet so we have been playing in a lot of rain lately so we get pretty wet and dirty.  It's pretty fun playing in the mud though.  You should try it sometime if mom lets you.  My new flat is pretty nice but it is pretty old.  A lot of flats here are old so I think that the rest of my mission I will be in older flats.  They are still pretty nice though.  I really like it. 

Lyndsey- Lyndsee ( I think that is right)
It sounds like you are seeing that my work is a great use to you even though you are cheating.  I hope that you are really enjoying that class and that you are getting good grades.  I am interested to know who you husband is for the  project reality.  Is it your  boyfriend?

Padre- I can't believe that the Colts have defeated the Broncos.  That is some really exciting news.  I hope that they can keep up the hard work and make it to the super bowl.  If the Patriots are as good as they usually are then that could be a pretty big challenge for the Colts, but I believe they can do it.  It sounds like there are going to be some interesting games going on.  It should be interesting to see who makes it. I am still enjoying the area except for the fact that it rains a lot here.  It is really weird to be in the middle of January and to have no snow and lots of rain. To make things worse it is super cold which makes it that much better. I really do like the area though and I have met a lot of amazing people.  The ward is amazing and they are so involved in missionary work.  When we bring investigators to church we don't even see them which is great.  The members just take them right where they need to be and they help them and answer all the questions for us.  That is the way it is supposed to be  because then they meet and make friends so when we leave the area they have people that they know and trust.  What an amazing ward! I hope that you have a great week this next week and that you enjoy watching the college football championship.

I was thinking of some goals that I wanted for this next year and now that I think about them more I don't really like them so I will do some thinking and I will come up with some for you next week. Sorry that it is taking so long but I want some good goals for this next year because it will be my black year which means it will be the only time of my mission that I am serving from January to December so I want to make them good.

I don't have my notebook with me today so I am not going to be able to share a quote with you guys this week.  I want to share something that I hope will be useful to you guys though.  It is on light and the light of Christ.  I don't know a lot about flowers and why they do something’s but if you watch flowers closely they turn towards the light.  For example if there was a flower in a box and the top of it was closed and three of the sides were closed.  The flower could only get its light from one side of the box and it would turn to the side so that it could capture that light so that it could grow.  If you turned the flower so that it wasn't facing the light it would eventually turn back in due time. We as children of our Father in Heaven need to do the same thing.  We need to be turned to the light of Christ and not towards the dark temptations of the adversary. And when we go through hard times and we are turned to the darkness we need to be just like that flower and turn back to the Light. I know that it is very important that we are turned towards Christ because then like that flower we can grow and become more like Christ. I  am so grateful for this Gospel and I know it is very important that we turn to the light of Christ and if we do we will be blessed.

I hope that you have a great week and thanks for the great letters that you sent.  I really enjoyed them all.  If there is anything that I can do for you guys I would be happy to help the best that I can.  Just remember we can always pray too for help.
Elder Peterson
Elder Shaw and Elder Peterson
 with their Christmas Stockings

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