Monday, March 16, 2015

Letter # 35

Hello Mum and Family,
I would like to say Happy Mother’s day to all of the mums especially Mother Peterson.  It was mother’s day yesterday here in the UK which was a little weird  because I am use to not having it until May time, but it was cool at the same time.  The talks in church were really cool and I really enjoyed the messages that were shared.  It made me think of how grateful I am to have such a great Mum who lives in Newton (not St. George)

It was transfers this last week and just as I said last week I am staying here in Llanelli, but I did get a new companion.  Elder Shaw has moved areas and has become a Zone Leader and Elder Mortensen is my new companion.  He is from Florida and he has been out for about a year now.  I am excited to still be here in Wales and to be specifically in Llanelli to continue to work and to see more miracles this transfer in this area.

We had a pretty good miracle this last week actually that I am really excited about.  We got this media referral and it is this one lady named R***** who is really cool and wants to learn more.  Apparently she has a boyfriend who lives in California who is a member of the church and she decided to learn more about our church so we stopped by and she said she doesn't want the lessons yet and she just wants to come to church.  She came yesterday and said that she really enjoyed it and told us that she is ready to hear the lessons and that she wants to learn more about the church.  She seems pretty solid and she even brought a friend to church who could also be interested in learning more.  We will be seeing her this Thursday which I am really excited about.  Other than that I have been helping Elder Mortensen get use to the area and the people here in Wales.  He has served his whole mission so far in England so he is really enjoying being here in Wales and seeing the difference between them both which is kind of weird. 

 I did like the pictures that you did send last week and the ones that you sent this week.  I didn't know that Lyndsey was cheating by using my past homework to do her own homework.  It was good to see that Caden was actually doing work.  I didn't know that he was capable of doing that.  And it didn't surprise me that Chelsey was making dinner and doing work because that is what she is always doing. It looks like the young women had a great time this week though and they had a lot of fun winning the championship game.  Too bad the boys couldn't do the same thing.  I guess the girls just got an easier team to play this year.

The members are really feeding me nothing that I haven't ever had before it is all just great food. For example we went to a members house yesterday and we had barbecued chicken, baked potatoes, peas and rolls which is pretty much like we have back home.  It is the same thing I just really love it.  I did get a recipe from a member though of some really good homemade Popsicle that he made up himself.  He always makes them for us and they are amazing. Other than that I don't have any other recipes. 

I haven't been mentioning any names in my letters because there really aren't many names that I have to mention.  The Bishop and his family are really cool and they even have a really cool name.  Their last name is Wigglesworth which I think is super cool.  There is a guy named Allen Phillips, but we call him Captain because he is also really cool and he will do anything to help the missionaries out.  So there are a lot of cool members I just haven't mentioned them because I didn't think you really cared about them that much.

Just so you know I can read cursive so you don't have to worry about writing letters or typing them.  I did graduate High School not too long ago and I can remember to read.  So I have been able to read the letters that you have sent and thank you for them I really enjoy getting letters every once in a while.

Well it is that time again time for the weekly spiritual thought from Elder Peterson.  The one I would like to share with you today is a pretty short quote, but it has really made me think of the importance of being happy.  "An hour of anger robs us of 60 minutes of happiness."  ~when I first read that quote I never really thought of it that way and it makes me want to be happy all the time.  Here in Llanelli there are a lot of unhappy people all the time and it is mostly because it is almost always cloudy and the sun doesn't shine too often.  But they don't know that life isn't always going to be what we want it to be and that we have to make the most of what we got.  I would like to challenge you all to be as happy as you can be all the time even when you are having a hard time because sometimes just being happy helps us to get through hard times a lot easier.  It is always good to be happy because life is great and there are always things to be happy for if you don't think so then do as the hymn "count your many blessings" says and count all of the blessing that God has given you and you will see that there are a lot of things to be happy for. 
Well thank you all for all of the great letters that you have sent.  I hope that you have a great week and remember to keep on smiling!
Elder Peterson 

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