Monday, June 8, 2015

Letter #47

Hello Mum and Family,

It sounds like you have all had a great week camping last week.  I am sure that you all enjoyed being together and not having to worry so much about home and the technology since you can't get service up there. That is way cool that you were all able to go up and relax for some time.

I am glad that you were able to see all of the great photos of me.  They are great of course because I was in them.  I have to admit that my favorite one to send to you was the one of the spider.  I thought that you would all like to see a nice big spider.  It wasn't that big just about the size of a dinner plate. haha just kidding it was a lot smaller than that.  It was just pretty big compared to most spiders so I thought that I would take a photo of it because I knew you would all enjoy it.

That is really cool Mum  that you were able to finish the Ensign from last month.  I too have actually been reading it every night before bed and I really enjoy all of the articles in it.  I really liked all of them but I think that my favorite one was the article about Joseph Smith.  I think it was title the Path to Palmyra.  I am really excited for next month’s issue because the story will continue.  I hope that you enjoyed the magazine as much as I did because it was quite good.

Well this past week has actually been really great.  I think the thing that made it the best was listening to Elder Holland.  He was in Scotland on Sunday and they broadcast him to us here in Tamworth and he gave an amazing and powerful talk about the Book of Mormon.  I think that we should be able to get the talk from somewhere and I really hope that I can get it because it was great.  I think that I am more excited to see him this Thursday though.  On Thursday he is coming to speak to us as missionaries here in England and I am so excited for it.  I am sure that it is going to be so amazing.  Someone that I was talking to in my last area said that when a General Authority came to his mission it was the best experience that he had his whole mission.  That made me a lot more excited for this week and I am glad that it is here.

Well I won't keep you guys any longer so I guess I will leave you with a spiritual thought.
“The path of Holiness is the path of happiness."
I truly believe that this is true because when we are keeping the commandments and when we are doing everything we can to do the right thing then we will be happier.  Lots of people think that by doing some bad things it brings them happiness and it might bring it to them for a short time but it isn't true happiness.  So as we do focus on trying to be the best that we can then we really will feel happy.  

Well I hope that you all have a great week.  I hope that you all enjoy the summer vacation from school.  I am sure that mum really will enjoy it.  Not because everyone is home but because it is nicer weather. I am sure that she is already annoyed by you.
Elder Peterson

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