Monday, October 5, 2015

Letter #64

Hello Mum and Family,

Well it was good to hear that you all enjoyed conference this past weekend. I too thought it was amazing and I learned a lot of great things. There were definitely some great talks given and I can't wait to read them when they come out in the Ensign.   It was really cool to see the Apostles get called and I thought that their testimonies were amazing. I definitely felt the spirit testify that they are called of God.  I am sure you all felt that same Spirit as you listened and watched. 

Well I am sure that you are all are wondering where I have been transferred and who I am with. Well I believe that mum has truthfully cheated on the guessing because that is exactly where I am serving. I believe that there is no way that she could have guessed that I am in Westcotes without being told by someone. So I am in Westcotes and I am actually whitewashing. That means that Elder Stokes and I were sent to this area at the same time. So neither of us was in this area before and we are having to figure the area out which is pretty stressful but some good fun at the same time. Elder Stokes is a way cool guy and we are having a lot of fun together. We have a really nice flat.  In fact I think that it's the best flat that I have been in my whole mission. It's not the cleanest at the moment because the past Elders weren't very clean, but luckily Elder Stokes and I both like a clean flat so we are slowly getting it cleaned and organized in the little time that we have free.

 This past week we really struggled with food in the flat because the other Elders pretty much left us nothing.  We were living on a couple of small pizzas, a little bit of cereal and milk, and some rice. I would have to say that I am pretty proud of myself because I made it through the week.  You don't need to worry though because today we loaded up on the food.  There is only one thing that brings greater joy then a full fridge and cupboards and that's teaching people the gospel so the food is definitely high up there. 

Well I don't really know what else to share other than a spiritual thought.  We are playing some sports at the chapel with the other Elders too so I don't have too much time.  So I guess that I will share a spiritual thought real fast.

I loved listening to the wonderful counsel of the Prophet and Apostles this past weekend. I was able to pick something out from each of those who spoke that can help me to become closer to my Heavenly Father and more like him.  
The thought that I wanted to share with you today comes from the talk by Larry R. Lawrence in the Saturday Morning session of conference. He read a scripture from the Bible which is Matt 5:48. 
"Be ye therefore perfect, even as you’re Father which is in heaven is perfect."
I really liked what he said about being humble and faithful. He said: "Sometimes we are humble enough to ask God for help, but we are not faithful enough to follow the counsel that we receive."  When we ask God for help with things we need to follow the counsel that he gives us. When we pray and ask for help but we don't follow through its somewhat like asking a girl on a date and then not picking her up. You don't do just half of it and forget about the other because it requires a little more effort. 

When we ask God for help on becoming perfect like him we need to remember that the answer that God gives us is perfect for us. Sometimes we receive an answer but we don't do it because we think it's something that won't help us because we think we know more about ourselves then God knows. We need to remember that God is omniscient or in other words he knows everything. We as humans can see the past and the present while He can see the past, present and future.  That's why it is important for us to follow His counsel no matter how hard or easy it may seem. 
Close to the end of his talk he challenged us to do one simple thing which was to kneel down and ask God what we need to do to progress. I would like to ask you if you have not already to do that with me tonight if you can. Just kneel down tonight and ask our Father in Heaven what we need to do to become like Him. When you do pray remember that pray is a two way communication between you and God so listen. Sometimes we think that when we are praying that we have to be talking the whole time, but that's not the case. Preach my gospel says that "more important than talking is listening."  Yes it is referring to teaching investigators but I think it is also true with praying. So take the time to listen while still on your knees.

I know that as we ask God this simple question that he will answer our prayers in a way that will be best for us. And when we receive that answer and we do our part which is working to become like Heavenly Father then we will find greater joy in this life and we will more fully understand our purpose for coming down to earth. 

Well I hope that you all have a great week I will also send you some pictures of our flat. Sorry it's not the cleanest but I didn't want to wait until it was clean to take photos. Have a great week!
Elder Peterson

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