Monday, June 13, 2016

Letter #100

Dear Mum and Family,

Well it has been a pretty eventful week. I have a little video that I will send to you to show you how eventful it was. We woke up on Tuesday morning like usual and found that the cold water pipe under our sink had broke over night, which flooded our kitchen. The water was starting to run into our study room, which was not good because we have carpet in the study room.  

To shut off, the water we had to really look hard for the valve, which took a lot of time, and the water was coming out pretty fast. While Elder Stephenson was running around looking for the valve to shut it off, I was using pans to scoop out the water and throw it out the window so it didn't get the carpet too wet. We eventually got it all turned off and cleaned up. A plumber came and fixed it before noon that day so we weren't too long to get our water back. 

That event started in the morning at 6:30 when we woke up and by the time we shut off the water and got it all cleaned up it was about 8:00. It was a crazy morning for us. Luckily everything is back to normal now so there is no need to worry. 
Other than that not much else happened. We have just been doing the usual of missionary work all day everyday. We are still struggling to find new people to teach at the moment, but we have been working with a few less actives and a couple investigators that have been meeting with missionaries for a while now. It is going pretty well with them. I think they are starting to make a little progress here and there. 

The weather has turned to rainy this past week. It is not horrible rain though because it is way too warm to be putting any type of jacket on, but at the same time it is raining. So we have had to use umbrellas to keep us dry so that we aren't getting too warm with a jacket on. Luckily someone was smart enough to invent such a wonderful thing.  We would be soaked without it over here in the UK. 

Well to answer your question about my camera it is working fine. I just take a lot of photos on my iPad because it is a lot easier because I always have it with me and it is easier to get out.  The photos may not be as good, but hey I’m all about the easiest way you know what I am saying. 

Oh yeah before I forget. I sent a letter to you for your birthday mum but you cannot open it until your birthday. I also sent one to dad for Father's Day. I just sent them at the same time because it was easier. Don't worry I know that your birthday is not until the end of this month. I told dad that he has to make sure that you don't open it. So make sure you don't or you will be in big trouble. 

It is good to hear that everyone is doing well. It sounds like you are all keeping busy with lots of different things. Thanks for the wonderful photos of the sunset and the bike with Brent. The bike with Brent sound like it was a great event and that you all had a great time. 
Well I think that I don't have much more to say. I will get on with my spiritual thought. I hope you enjoy. 

Spiritual Thought
Well I have been thinking about this scripture a little bit and have enjoyed pondering it because it has been a bit of a challenge for me. It has still been pretty hard to think about and learn as much as I wanted to from these verses of scripture. I hope that the Spirit can guide my thoughts so I can share theses things with you in a way that you can understand it and learn from it as I have. 

There are many points in these verses that I have liked, but there is a little bit in particular that has stuck out to me the most as I have read them. It is the part which reads:
"... Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw..."

I think there are two different ways we can be blind. We have the physical blindness and I believe we can be spiritually blind as well.
There are many examples in the Book of Mormon of people who were spiritually blind and they gained their sight. The one I have chose to focus on is Enos. I want to compare his experience with those who are physically blind that the Savior heals throughout the scriptures. I hope that I can do it in a clear way so that you can understand. 
The thing that blinded Enos was his sins. In verse 2 of Enos, he says that he wants to "receive a remission of (his) sin." ( vs. 2)  We may be like Enos in where we are blinded by our sins, or it may be other things. In order for us to regain out sight it requires us to act. 

When the Savior heals those who are physically blind He asks them to do something. The blind man in John 9 is told " Go, wash in the pool of Siloam". (vs. 7) The man went and washed " and came seeing". (vs. 7) 
In Mark 10 we read of a blind man named Bartimaeus. He was sitting along a road "begging". (vs. 46)  When he heard that Christ was passing by he started to call out for him.  Jesus was a little ways off, but instead of going to the man Jesus calls Bartimaeus to come to Him. So he "rose, and came to Jesus". (vs.50)  Jesus asked the man what he wanted in which he replied that he wants his sight.  "Immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus." (vs. 52)

Now these two men were healed from physical blindness. There are many of us who don't suffer from that, but we might suffer from spiritual blindness. I personally think that Enos was spiritually blind in which he recognised and wanted healing from.  He went before the Lord and cried unto him in "mighty prayer and supplication". (vs. 4) Enos had prayed all day and throughout the night. He had "prayed and laboured with all diligence". (vs.12)

Enos definitely did his part and he received his "sight". He heard a voice which said: "Enos, thy sins are forgiven thee..." (vs.5)  So for Enos, along with those in the New Testament, it required some effort on their part to receive their sight. Whether it was spiritual or physical sight. 

When I think of applying this to myself I think of things that may make me spiritually blind. I think it is when I get a little to relaxed in certain things like my scripture study, my Sabbath day observance, repenting of my sins, not saying as heart felt prayers, etc. It is these little things that cause me to start to lose my spiritual sight.

Just like in Kings 6 I need to recognize these things and ask the Lord. "Lord, I pray thee, open (my) eyes, that (I) may see."  I know that when I ask and then I act on the promptings, which I receive from the Lord on how I can gain my "sight", He will open my eyes and I will be able to see again. I know that he will not only do this for me, but He will do it for all as we ask and act.  It requires something from ourselves. 
I am so grateful that I was able to learn so much from this wonderful scripture this week. Like I said there is just so many things that you can pick out and learn from these two verses. Thanks for the challenge this week Chelsey.  I am sure it was easier for you guys because you are just so smart. 

Thanks again for all you do. I hope you have a great week. 
Elder Peterson 

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