Monday, September 8, 2014

Letter # 7

Dear Family,                          September 8, 2014         

It sounds like everything is going great back home and that everyone is enjoying school.  We had a great week this last week and some good experiences with teaching.  We taught the gentleman that I have been tell you about on Tuesday of last week and it went really well.  We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he really enjoyed it.  He is really doing well and he has been making some great improvements.  He said that he is praying every night and that he can't fall asleep unless he prays.  It was really good to hear that from him and to hear that he has been reading almost every day out of the Book of Mormon.  He really understands what we are teaching and we will be teaching him again tomorrow. I can't wait. 

We have a new investigator.  She lives pretty close to our flat which is nice.  She just moved there from a different area and she has been taught some of the lessons from the sisters in the area that she was in.  She is really excited to learn more about the gospel and we can't wait to teach her more.  She has been looking up a lot of the church websites online so she already knows a lot about the church which is kind of nice.  We showed her around the church house this last week and she said that she really liked looking at the baptismal font.  It was really cool to see how excited she was and we should be seeing her next week we just don't know when because she works a lot.  

Yesterday we had a really cool experience at church.  It was fast and testimony meeting yesterday of course and we were in sacrament bearing our testimonies.  A man walked in and sat in the back of the chapel.  We have never seen him before and the other Elders who are in the ward haven't either.  He walked up to the pulpit to bear his testimony which wasn't really a testimony because he is not a member.  He told us that he has been homeless for about 10 years now and that he really loves his mom and sister, but they have both died and he feels really lonely because they are not here.  He then went and sat down in the back of the chapel again. My Companion and I thought that he had left so we stood up and went out to see if we could find him, but of course we didn't because he was in the chapel.  So we walked back in and saw him so we went and sat by him.  We told him that he did a good job bearing his testimony and that we were proud of him.  He then started talking to us so we took him outside and got to know him a little bit better. We spent the whole sacrament sitting outside talking to him and it was cool to get to meet him.  He then left and said that he would be back next week so hopefully he will come because we have already made plans to teach him about the gospel next week.  

I finally got my bike this last Tuesday and it's kind of nice to be able to get to places a lot faster.  It was kind of weird at first riding on the left side of the road, but I have gotten used to it now.  I definitely like riding a bike a lot more than walking and riding a bus especially since it's helping me keep in shape so I can eat some more great food.  

Today should be a really good Pday.  After we email we are going to go to a Chippie and get some fish and chips.  I really enjoy them and Kyle and Robby said that I’m supposed to eat a lot of fish and chips for them so that's what I’m doing.  I have had crumpets a few times and they are really good.  We have been having some great food and I really enjoy the great tasting chocolate.  I will have to send some home so you guys can taste it.  Elder Leal has sent some to his family and he said that they love it.  We have a couple more dinner appointments this next week and I can't wait to see what amazing food we will have then. 

You asked about the stupid pigeons that have taken over our balcony.  They are definitely not cute, but the good thing is they don't wake me up.  A couple of days before they hatched we were going to throw the eggs off the balcony so we wouldn't have to worry about them, but we were so busy that we forgot to.  So now we have to deal with them for a little longer and then when we think they can fly we will probably throw them off.  They don't really make a lot of noise; it's just annoying because they made a mess all over our balcony.  

This week should be another great week and I’m excited to find more people to teach.  We haven't really had any success finding people while tracking, but we are working hard and hopefully we can find some people who want to listen.  I hope that you guys have another great week also and that you have fun going to school.  I will be wearing my Sky View tie this week again so hopefully they can get another win this week.  That includes Caden's team too.  Go Sky View!

I received my package this last week, but my letters weren't there yet.  In the package there was a pillow case and a plan of salvation card.  I think that the funniest thing on the pillow is that is says not to jay walk.  It's funny because jay walking is legal over here so we do it all the time.  
Thanks for the package and hopefully I will get the letters soon.  I will be putting a couple of pictures in dropbox and I made sure I was in them.  

My thought for this week is D&C 90:24.   Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good....
So if you read you scriptures and pray and believe that God will help you then everything with school and work or anything else that we do will all work out for us. Have a good week.

Elder Peterson

P.S. Lyndsey to answer some of your questions most of the people are pretty short over here so I feel really tall walking around and they are mostly really skinny.  Since I’m so muscular and strong I look like a beast.  Actually I looked like one back home so I guess not much has changed.  
Our flat is pretty much like any apartment would look like back home so it's pretty nice.  We have a pretty nice kitchen, a bed room, a study room with couches and desks, and a good sized living room that has a dinner table in it.  It's mostly wood floor so it's pretty easy to clean.  
McDonald’s back home is a lot better than the one here.  I think that all the American restaurant’s like McDonald’s, Five Guys and a few others taste better back home, but they are still pretty good here.  
My favorite thing this week was probably getting my bike so we don't have to walk everywhere.  And I’m definitely glad that you are still in America.  It's nice knowing that you are about 6,000 miles away.  
Have a great week in school and have a fun homecoming week.  Work hard in school and remember to read your scriptures. And Go Sky View!

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