Monday, September 22, 2014

Letter # 9

Dear Mum and Family,                 September 22, 2014

It sounds like it's been another great week back in Cache valley and I guess St. George.  I was told by everyone I think about the re-dedication of the Ogden Temple and it sounds like it was a really great experience. I can't wait to go through it when I get home.  

We had another great lesson with I*** this last week.  We are still teaching him about the commandments.  This last week we taught him about prayer, studying the scriptures, and keeping the Sabbath day holy.  We also had a really cool experience.  I*** has to work on Sundays so he really isn't able to come to church very often.  We felt impressed to tell him that if he prayed and then went and talked with his boss then he would be able to get Sundays off.  We talked with him at Stake Conference on Saturday and he said that he did exactly what we told him.  His boss said that it would be okay for him to have Sundays off which made him really excited and it really strengthened his faith.  It was really cool for him and for us.  

We also had another great experience this last week with L***.  She texted us and said that she still wants to take the lessons which was really good to hear.  She just knows how important baptism is and doesn't quite want to commit to it yet because she knows how important it is.  It was really good to hear from her again and I can't wait to start teaching her.  I know that all the prayers back home are really helping our investigators and those experiences really show that they are helping. Thank you guys for having our investigators in your prayers it really does help. 

It sounds like the family is doing really well back home and I’m glad that everyone is enjoying my letters that I’m sending.  You can tell Nan (Grandma Crossley) that I have learned a lot from her.  I have watched her do her sewing many times while she has been watching T.V. and I did a pretty good job in sewing one of my shirts this last week.  It wasn't as good as she probably could have done it and I don't think that I ever will get there, but just watching her helped a little I think.

We finally got a pump from the District Leaders and it works great.  We finally have our bikes back, but we haven't ridden them yet because we bought a week long bus passes and we decided to use them instead until they expire.  I'm glad to hear that you are working out now Mum and that you are finally taking my training advice.  I have tried to be your personal trainer many times, but you would never listen to me.  I'm glad that you are now though. 

Now I will answer some of your questions that you have I guess.

I have not been asked yet to give a talk in sacrament, but the first sacrament meeting I was here I had to bear my testimony.  That wasn't too bad of course, but I’m sure I will be asked to speak before I leave.
The members are really great in Sheldon. We always have DA's (Dinner Appointments) every week which of course is super nice.  The foods I have had at them are really good and I haven't had anything gross yet.  There hasn't been anything new that you guys don't eat back home so there isn't much excitement there, but it is good.

I'm not really missing any of the foods back home really.  I have my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches almost every day so I think I’m good. I have made an improvement though.  I now put bananas on my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and that is super good.  The American restaurants like McDonald’s don’t taste as good here, but its ok because I would rather go to a Chippie and get fish and chips than go to one of those.  We might be going to one today so if we do I will get a picture with me eating one.  

My favorite thing to do on Sundays is to go to church. Mostly because it's fun talking to the members and there are another set of missionaries who are really cool that are in our ward and it’s fun to talk to them.  One of them is from the Philippines and he is super funny.  

I'm really not that tired, but I sometime take a nap on Mondays since it is our Pday and we really don't do a whole lot.  Other than that we really don't have a lot of time to take naps, but that's okay because I’m used to getting up early now so I’m not too tired during the day.  

On Saturday one of the members gave us a fish pie that was really good.  It's kind of like dad's shepherd pie.  It has potatoes, salmon, onions, cabbage, and hard boiled eggs cut up.  It tasted really good and the good thing was she gave us a ton of it so I wasn't very hungry after.  

The weather here is starting to get chilly also.  It's funny because most people are freezing over here when it's actually 70 degrees and it's quite nice.  The mornings are a little chilly, but it warms up throughout the day.  People are always asking us if we are freezing because we aren't wearing coats, but I actually really enjoy the nice weather. It hasn't even rained this last week which is really nice.  I'm starting to think that they don't get much rain over here, but I’m sure it will come. 
It sounds like everything is going well back home and I hope that everything continues to go well.  

Some interesting news that I have for you guys is the reason that they were going to change the Union Jack's colors was because Scotland was planning on not being a part of the UK anymore.  They voted on it last week and the votes were pretty close.  The results are they are not leaving the UK so the flag will stay the same.  So don't worry about getting a new flag
Also I could be getting a new companion tonight.  My companion has been in this area for quite a while and tonight is what we call dodge night.  Every six week there is a transfer and the Mission President calls us up and tells us if we are staying or moving.  Since I just arrived here I will most likely be staying, but there is a possibility that my companion could leave.  We will be finding out tonight at 9 so I will let you guys know next week how it goes. 

I wanted to share a few scriptures with you guys this week.  The first one is found in 
Isaiah 49:15-16
.... Yet will I not forget thee, Behold I have engraven thee upon the palms of my hands.

That is the Savior of course and we need to remember that he is always there for us and that he died for every single one of us.  He knows everything that we go through and that he knows EXACTLY how we all feel. Let us all remember that he is always there no matter what's going on in our everyday lives.
The other thought I wanted to share with you mostly goes for the young men.  We are told as missionaries to encourage younger boys to serve missions and a quote that I have from the prophet goes great for the young men.

"Within two short years, all of the full-time missionaries currently serving in this royal army of God will have concluded there full-time labors and will have returned to their homes and loved ones.   Their replacements are found in the ranks of the Aaronic Priesthood of the Church. Young men, are you ready to respond? Are you willing to work? Are you prepared to Serve"?
- President Thomas S.  Monson

When I read that I thought about when I was in young men’s and how I thought that it would be quite a while before I was going on a mission. But as the prophet says it is really "within two short years" missionaries will be coming home and time will fly and the next thing you know you are actually serving the Lord.  The young men need to do all they can to prepare to serve not only because they are told to, but because the Lord needs them to. This doesn't just apply to young men either.  Young women also have the opportunity to serve for 18 months and they also need to prepare to help God's children come closer to Christ through his gospel.

I hope you all have another great week this next week and have fun in St. George Mum and Dad. Keep working hard and remember to always read your scriptures. 

I love you all and thank you for your prayers. They really are being answered six thousand miles away. Have another great week in good old Cache Valley.

Elder Peterson
I will send you some pictures of our flat today

Dining room
Living room

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